Women in Managament Maldives

First Lady Fazna Ahmed to be Guest of Honor at WIM’s International Women’s Day event

Women in Management Maldives (WIM) has said that, First Lady Fazna Ahmed, will be attending the organization’s International Women’s day event as the guest of honor this year. WIM has organized an obstacle run centered around this year’s International Women’s day slogan “Balance for Better”.

The invitation to attend the event as the guest of honor was formally presented to the First Lady today by WIM. Upon the acceptance of the invitation by First Lady Fazna Ahmed, the organization has noted that this support has only added to their drive in carrying on current efforts. WIM has also said that the support is an indication of the close attention paid by the First Lady in such matters.  

Women in Management has also informed that the First Lady will be attending the event as Guest of Honor as part of her role as the Chief Guide of Maldives.

WIM said that First Lady Fazna noted several members of the Girl Guide Association participated in the women only run last year. As such, WIM Maldives reiterated that the event is endorsed by the Girl Guide Association this year as well and said that several members of the Association will be taking part in the upcoming run. WIM said that the First Lady will therefore be taking part in the run as per her role as the Chief Guide of Maldives.

The “Run with Us 2019” obstacle course organized by Women in Management Maldives centers around the International Women’s day slogan “Balance for Better”. The run is set to take place on 1 March 2019 according to WIM. This is the second year that the organization is holding the obstacle run.

WIM has informed that the obstacle run will consist of 3.75 kilometer distance this year as well. The organization reiterated that the method of overcoming the obstacles are entirely up to the runners and that the difficulty level of the obstacles in the run are not high, similar to the previous year.

Women in Management reported that the run is specially organized for women and that the event has been organized with all ages in mind. WIM also said that as such, all ages are welcome to take part in the “Run with Us 2019” obstacle course.

While over 5,000 women took off and ran in the obstacle course last year to mark International Women’s day, this event saw the biggest turnout of women in a women’s only event in Maldives.

WIM has informed that all interested parties can contact 7946687 to find out more information about “Run With Us 2019”.

Women in Management (WIM) is an international women’s empowerment organization. The chapter of WIM in Maldives has been conducting various activities in an effort to empower women in this country since September 2017.