Women in Managament Maldives

Registration extended for Run With Us 2019


The registration deadline has been extended for the Run With Us 2019 obstacle course.

Set to take place on 1 March, the obstacles on the course of Run With Us 2019 would be in the theme of the year's International Women's Day slogan; Balance for Better Life, according to the organizer of the event, Women In Management (WIM).

WIM said that this year's run would be 3.75 kilometers with an obstacle at every kilometer, at which point each participant can overcome them however they want.

Organizers of the event said that smiliar to the past year, obstacles would be easy this year as well. And as the past year, only women can take part in the run with no exception to their age.

Over 5,000 participants joined WIM's Run With Us 2018 to celebrate the International Women's Day. It is the largest participation of women at a road run in the Maldives.

WIM is offering further information on Run With Us 2019 at their hotline, 794-6687.

Women In Management is an international organization that works for the empowerment of women. A Chapter of WIM was established in the Maldives in September 2017. WIM has been deeply involved in the country's effort to develop and empower women.