Apple announces spring event for April 20th

After rumors, missed predictions, shaved eyebrows, and a surprising Siri leak, we know officially know when Apple’s spring event will be held: April 20 at 10 am PT. What will reveal is another question.

Apple is calling the event Spring Loaded and the tagline is accompanied by an Apple logo in the shape of a spring. The colors match those in the original Apple rainbow, but it’s hard to decipher much of anything else. There’s also an AR component that features the colored lines swirling around the room and converging to form the Apple logo in the invitation.

If we’re speculating, it could point to the release of a new Apple Pencil alongside a revamped iPad Pro or possibly a new Apple silicon iMac in colorful case options. We’re also expecting AppleTags, an updated Apple TV, and AirPods, but speculation has suggested that some of the products may be held until the fall.

The event will once again be virtual and streamed on Apple’s web site and YouTube channel.