Tip to keep avocados fresh for days

While Avocado is a frequently used fruit in most households, the biggest annoyance remains that the fruit browns within hours.

A woman shared her trick on social media to solve this problem. She said that rubbing coconut oil gently on the green flesh of avocados will preserve freshness for days.

Daily Mail Australia reported this information and said that the coconut oil tip works on avocados, actually keeping them fresh for days.

This is great news for the avocado lover who no longer needs to consume an entire avocado the very day they pry it open. Many have taken to Facebook to thank and shower praises to the woman who offered this helpful tip.

Avocados brown so fast due to an enzyme called polyphenol oxidase. The enzyme causes oxidation on the surface of the fruit with exposure to air- hence the browning.

The coconut oil reportedly prevents fresh avocado flesh from having contact with air. This prevents the green from oxidising and therefore keeps it fresh for longer.

Lime or lemon juice has also been suggested as a great alternative to coconut oil. The citrus fruit juices prevent browning of avocados as it is a natural anti-oxidant. It should be noted however that the lemon extends the surface of avocado without browning for only a day. The coconut oil reportedly keeps it fresh for days.