US Foreign Secretary Mike Pompeo

A US Secretary of State visits Maldives on official visit after 28 years

US Secretary of State, Michael Pompeo has arrived in the Maldives on an official visit.

On his visit the the Maldives, India and Sri Lanka, Pompeo was welcomed at Velana International Airport by the Maldivian Foreign Minister, Abdulla Shahid.

The visit to the Maldives by the Chief Advisor on Foreign Affairs to the US President Donald J. Trump, marks the first visit to the Maldives by a US state official in 28 years. The last visit was on 4 July 1992 by then Secretary of State, James Baker.

Maldivian Foreign Ministry said that Minister Shahid and Secretary Pompeo will deliver a special press statement at 4 p.m. today which will be broadcasted by the state media.

While Pompeo has visited the Maldives, Minister Shahid visited the US in February 2019 to meet him on an invitation by the US Secretary of State.