Safari Rape Case: Police suspect a bigger crime than sexual harassment aboard the safari

Maldives Police Service has revealed that they suspect a bigger crime aboard the safari in Hulhumale, where a Kenyan woman was sexually harassed earlier.

During a press conference by Police, Deputy Commissioner of Police Abdul Mannan Yusuf said that there were concerning issues in the case where a Kenyan woman had accused of two Maldivian men of sexually harassing her. As such, he said that a bigger crime was committed on the safari than sexual harassment, based on the statement given to police by the victim.

Police said that they believe that a woman would jump into the ocean in the middle of the night because of something serious and added that their aim is to find the exact reason behind her decision. According to the Kenyan woman, she had jumped into the ocean to avoid being harassed sexually.

A reliable source confirmed to "ONE" that the woman does not know how to swim.

Even though two men were arrested by Police regarding the case, they were let go after they did not find a reason to keep them in lock-up.

DCP Yusuf also added that even though there are claims of the two men being drunk, the investigation found it to be inconclusive. He further highlighted that there were no influences on police in the release of these two men.

He also stressed that the case is being investigated with the assistance of the PG.