Baa Bodufinolhu

One Online journalists at Bodufinolhu: Chili water and rock ready to attack people coming on the island

One Online journalist at Baa Atoll Bodufinolhu, Ali Afaaf Rameez has reported that a number of rocks and chili water prepared by the expatriates that took 12 Maldivians hostage on the island, to be used against anyone that might try to come on to the island.

The workers at Bodufinolhu has been saying that their frustrations turned to anger as they have not been paid for many months. And they protested on island before taking hostages.

However, officers of the Maldives Police Service went to the island and rescued all 12 hostages and took the island under their control this morning.

One Online journalists have been allowed on the island to report on the conflict last night and saw many vehicles and property were vandalized. And the hostage takers had prepared concrete rocks and steel rods along with chili water near the island’s jetty.

The police officers that tried to get on the island last night were attacked with these repurposed weapons although it is not clear if the chili water had been used. The officers injured in the attack are now being treated.