Over MVR 290,000 provided to people facing employment difficulties due to COVID-19

Finance Ministry has revealed that over MVR 290,000 have been provided for 69 people currently facing employment difficulties due to the COVID-19 pandemic.

Speaking during a press conference on Saturday, Finance Minister Ibrahim Ameer said that they had highlighted the government's decision to provide Income Support Allowance, and revealed that they have already begun providing the allowance.

He highlighted that the rules and regulations regarding this have been published on the government gazette and that disbursement works have begun with NSPA.

"About 69 people have received the allowance so far. This equals to about MVR 290, 131," Minister Ameer said.

The Minister further added that the discount from utility bills are included in the economic relief package and that about MVR 10.9 million has been discounted from water bills while about MVR 50 million has been discounted from electricity bills.