Foreign Ministry

Maldives condemns terrorist attacks in Norther Sinai

The Government of Maldives has condemned the terrorist attack on an armored vehicle in the city of Bir al-Abd in Northern Sinai, that killed and wounded a number of soldiers of the Egyptian Armed Forces.

A statement issued by the Maldivian Foreign Ministry said that such deplorable acts of terrorism negatively impact the efforts by the concerned parties to find peaceful solutions to conflicts.

“The effects of such actions are escalated at this difficult time in which the world must unite in combatting the outbreak of the COVID-19 pandemic and especially, during the Holy month of Ramadan; which is a time of spiritual reflection and worship for the Muslim community.” The statement said.

The statement said that the Maldivian government reaffirms its solidarity with the people and the Government of the Arab Republic of Egypt and reiterates its steadfast commitment to the fight against terrorism in all its forms.