EU helps all stranded European tourists fly back home

EU has revealed that thousands of European tourists have managed to safely go back home from the Maldives, with the joint work of the European Union and its member states.

The EU External Action noted that good coordination and unity of messages have been key to the success of the operation, despite there being no EU delegation in Malé nor embassies of other EU countries.

They stressed that Maldivian authorities took strong measures against the Coronavirus outbreak and that around 34.000 foreigners were present in the country at the time, most of which were Europeans.

"Through its missions in Colombo and Delhi, the EU together with Member States, partner countries as Norway and Switzerland - and with strong support from the UK High Commission in Malé - managed to find the right balance in relaying useful information to tourists, and in prioritising requests to the Maldivian Government, mainly keeping commercial flights between the Maldives and Europe," the EU added.

The Union also noted that cooperation with the government of Maldives has been excellent and that the authorities were constantly updated on suspected and confirmed cases, and were open to suggestions coming from the EU, both on commercial flights and on isolation and quarantine measures for the tourists.

They added that this helped to keep the number of infected foreigners down.