Wildlife Rescue

Whale beached in Vilimale’ rescued back to the ocean

A humpback whale beached at Vilimale’ has been rescued back to the ocean with the combined efforts of the Maldives Police Service and members of the public this morning.

The whale was at the beach towards the Sheikh Abdulrahman Pre-School according to the police.

Photos and videos of the scene that hit social media show a whale of this size was seen last night inside the lagoon at the MPL area last night.

It is being speculated that it is the same whale that later beached at Vilimale’.

Videos of the rescue on social media show the use of yellow jerrycans used in the rescue of the whale back to the ocean.

While whales are common in the Maldivian oceans, the one found beached is a relatively small one. There have been sightings of much larger whales in the Maldivian territory.