Maldivian Democracy Network

MDN: Registration cancelled illegally, retract decision

Following the revoking of the license of the Maldivian Democracy Network (MDN) by the Ministry of Youth, Sports and Community Empowerment, the organization has said that the decision was made illegally and called for a retraction of the decision.

The Youth Ministry announced the cancelling of the MDN operation license yesterday.

Youth Ministry said that the decision to revoke the license of MND under Article 19-A of the Organizations Act that allows it for negating the Islamic faith, oppose the Islamic faith, threaten the religious union of the people and expressing a standing of another religion. According to 19-B, an organization’s license can be revoked and disbanded if it violates the Constitution, laws and regulations of the Maldives.

And so, on the clear violations in the Preliminary Assessment on Radicalization report by the MDN have been confirmed by the Maldives Police Service and the Ministry of Islamic Affairs according to the Youth Ministry.

However, following the decision to revoke, the official Twitter account of MDN tweeted out that the Youth Ministry cancelled the license illegally.

MDN also said that that administration of the President Solih pledged to protect the fundamental rights of the people yet has become the first of the last five governments to shut down a civil society organization in the Maldives.

They also called to retract the decision and conduct a just investigation.