Ignoring death threats and investigating report is encouraging such people: Shahindha

Founder and Executive Director of Maldivian Democracy Network (MDN) Shahindha Ismail has said that ignoring death threats issued to members of MDN and investigating their report encourages the people who are involved in kidnapping and murders of others.

Shahindha's statement comes during a time when the Police had stated that they will investigate MDN's report which allegedly mocks Islam and the prophet, as a serious issue.

Shahindha, who is also part of the Prison Audit Committee formed by President Ibrahim Mohamed Solih said in a series of tweets that investigating the report is encouraging people who are kidnappers and murderers and called on the institution of Police to best fulfil their duties.

She further criticised Police for turning a blind eye to the numerous reports submitted to the Police regarding death threats that a number of people received way before the Islamic Ministry had submitted their complaint regarding the report to the Police.

In a statement published yesterday on President Solih’s social media, the President asserted that observing and respecting the holy tenets of Islam is a fundamental facet of Maldivian society and is stipulated under Article 10 of the Maldives Constitution. He further noted that any attempts to tarnish the name of Islam or the Prophet PBUH will not be permitted in the Maldives, and that the allegations against MDN, relating to the aforementioned report, will be thoroughly investigated and appropriate measures will be taken as stipulated under the Maldives constitution.