Parliament schedules special sitting for Thursday

Maldives Parliament has scheduled a special sitting of the Parliament for Thursday, to pass an amendment to the Anti-Terrorism Act of the Maldives.

For the sitting at 10:00am tomorrow morning, the only work on the agenda is the first hearing of the amendment to the Anti-Terrorism Act submitted on behalf of the state by South Henveiru MP Hussain Shaheem.

While the first term of the Parliament has already concluded, it was MDP who moved to request a sitting outside the term.

As such, Central Henveiru MP and MDP PG Leader Ali Azim said that the party has requested for a special sitting in accordance to Article 45 of the Constitution of Maldives.

A special sitting has been requested at a time when President Ibrahim Mohamed Solih had noted that several laws including the Anti-Terrorism Act and Criminal Procedure Act needed to be amended for the ongoing investigation into the abduction and murder of Minivan News journalist, Ahmed Rilwan.

As such President Solih needed that terrorism needs to be clearly defined in the Anti-Terrorism Act and highlighted that it currently focused on other areas than on the people who commit acts of terror. He also added that the Criminal Procedure Act needs to be amended to revise the detention period of people arrested in such investigations.