Customs suspend two officers over case of falsely imported vehicles

Maldives Customs Service has suspended two of their officers over the case of the vehicles which were imported under false pretenses.

The vehicles were imported as a type of 'wood' on official documentation.

Chief Customs Officer Aishath Vilinee revealed to One Online that they have suspended two officers who were flagged during their investigation into the case. She added that the officers will be kept under suspension until the end of the investigation.

Customs had previously revealed that they confiscated three cars, two pickups and vans in addition to 14 motorcycles in a joint operation with the Police after receiving a tip that the vehicles were being imported in a container marked as wood.

The C&F value for the vehicles is estimated to be at MVR 586,000 while the state is due to receive an estimated MVR 558,000 as their import duty.

In a statement released following this, MPL noted that they were not negligent in the case.