President Ibrahim Mohamed Solih

Request made for President to address in Dhivehi at the UN

President of the National Language Academy, Ali Ashraf has made a request to the President Ibrahim Mohamed Solih to make his address at the UN in the Dhivehi language.

A tweet sent out yesterday, Ashraf said that the President of the Maldives making his address at the UN in Dhivehi would raise the honor and respect for the country.

The UN General Assembly is set to take place from 7-30 September at the UN HQ in New York, USA.

While a Maldivian President has not made an address at the UN in the past six years, the Spokesperson of the President’s Office, Ibrahim Hoodh said that President Ibrahim Mohamed Solih is set to make an address at the UN this year on 24 September.

The annual UN General Assembly gathers a number of world leaders to improve relations and exchange thoughts on global issues.