Cathay Pacific CEO resigns

The CEO of Cathay Pacific Airways has resigned following pressure by Beijing on the Hong Kong carrier over participation by some of its employees in anti-government protests.

Rupert Hogg resigned "to take responsibility as a leader of the company in view of recent events," the company said in a statement.

Rupert Hogg became the highest-profile corporate casualty of official Chinese pressure on companies to support the ruling Communist Party's position. In a statement, Hogg said recent weeks had been "challenging" for the airline.

Beijing jolted Hong Kong companies last week when it warned that Cathay Pacific employees who "support or take part in illegal protests" would be barred from flying to or over the mainland.

Cathay Pacific said a pilot who was charged with rioting had been removed from flying duties.

Hong Kong is in its third month of protests that started in opposition to a proposed extradition law but have expanded to include demands for a more democratic system.