MNDF advises caution traveling by sea

Maldives National Defence Force (MNDF) has advised caution while traveling by sea as the current weather is severe and the seas are rough as the MET Office forecast.

They said that a number of dangerous incidents have taken place at sea in the past 24 hours with a number of vessels crashing on reefs, taking in water and sinking and anchors losing grips causing vessels to drift out being reported to the Coast Guard Maritime Rescue Coordination Center.

MNDF also advised to ensure that life jackets, communication devices and draining pumps are in working order before the journey begins; especially on smaller vessels traveling at night.

They also asked the cargo vessels to follow the regulations when loading and securing their cargo.

Crews and captains of the vessels docked in and out of the lagoons are advised to give close attention to draining their vessels.

Any incidents at sea are to be reported to the MNDF Coast Guard by calling 191 as soon as possible.