Agreement signed to strengthen border security in Maldives

An agreement has been signed between Interpol National Central Bureau-Male' and Maldives Immigration to strengthen the security of the Maldivian borders.

The agreement was signed by at a ceremony held yesterday by the Commissioner of Police, Mohamed Hameed on behalf of the Interpol NCB and the Controller of Immigration, Mohamed Ahmed.

Regarding the agreement, Maldives Immigration said that it will strengthen and improve the border security.

And with the full access to the Interpol Border Security Management Databases, the screening protocols for people, goods and vehicles coming in to the country will be improved.

With the help of these databases, people with priors will be identified and law enforcement agencies will be assisted in bringing pending cases to justice.

Maldives is a member of Interpol since 1984. All 194 Central Bureau databases are connected on the same network.