Shah: Fuvamulah roads are being developed to modern standards, will be complete in November

Managing Director of the Maldives Transport and Contracting Company (MTCC), Hassan Shah, has said that the roads of Fuvahmulah City are being developed to modern standards and the work will be completed this November.

Talking to One Online, Shah said that MTCC was contracted to complete the work of 31 roads along with the Fuvahmulah Ring Road within two years. However, the project will be fully completed in November this year.

He said that the modern tarmac roads being develop are going to have a base layer of gravel. Noting that the decision to use gravel was made by the government, Shah said that the transport of the gravel raise the value of the project by 20 percent.

Shah said that the road development project is valued at MVR 270 million which is funded under PSIP of the State Budget.

He also said that the current work in the project is the side walk development and the City Council and the people wants to complete the phase as soon as possible.

The project was contracted to MTCC on 1 April 2019.