22 year old woman ordered to go under father's custody

A 22-year-old woman has been ordered to go under her father's custody.

The verdict issued by Family Court regarding the case where the woman has been living in another island after running away from home states that until the woman is married, the highest authority on her will remain her father. It ordered to comply with her parents as long as they do not encourage sinning and noted that it is prohibited to disobey one's parents as stated in the Quran and seen through the Hadith. The court had ordered her to go under her father's custody, noting that the woman failed to provide a good enough reason to be residing in the current island.

The case was submitted by her father, fearing safety concerns that the woman face after having runaway from her home. However, the woman claims that she never ran away.

She had previously said in court that she sought the permission of her mother before going away.

The verdict orders her to go under her father's custody within five days.