Minister Ahmed Mahloof

Mahloof: Decision on Judges Organization will be made after consulting AG

Minister of Youth, Sports and Community Empowerment, Ahmed Mahloof has said that there are questionable elements to forming an organization of judges and a decision on it will be made after consulting with the Attorney General.

Minister Mahloof made the statement on Twitter last night.

The Department of Judicial Administration (DJA) announced yesterday that a decision has been made to form an organization by the name of Maldives Judges Organization. The DJA said that all documents required were submitted to the Ministry of Youth, Sports and Community Empowerment on 29 May 2019.

While the formation of such an organization has been proposed, legal issues, too, have surfaced on the matter. Some has claimed that this was an illegal move as the Judges Act in effect states that only one judges organization can be registered at a time. Such an organization was registered at the Home Ministry in 2008.

DJA said that the new organization being formed under Article 10 of the Judges Act (2010/13) is to work towards the protection and maintaining the freedoms of judges.