Adeeb permitted to go abroad since there was no other way, taking security measures: State

The Maldivian government has said that Former Vice President, Ahmed Adeeb was permitted to seek medical treatment abroad since the treatment was not available in the Maldives, and that necessary security measures are being taken.

This was confirmed in a statement that was released by the Home Ministry on Wednesday.

The statement noted that various attempts were made to treat Adeeb in the Maldives, but a solution was not found even after bringing in medical experts from abroad. The foreign experts and Adeeb's doctors had repeatedly advised to seek treatment abroad, hence the medical board had permitted to do. The decision was made to ensure the basic human rights of Adeeb was not violated.

Home Ministry stressed that necessary security steps have been taken and that officers of Maldives Correctional Service and Maldives Police Service will accompany Adeeb on his medical trip to India.