Need to think about consequences of empowering presidential commissions: Ghassan

Guraidhoo MP Ghassan Maumoon has said that we need to think about the consequences of empowering the presidential commissions.

During the debate on empowering the presidential commissions, MP Ghassan said that it was important to recover lost state assets and money embezzled through corruption. He added that those responsible needs to be held accountable.

However, he noted that necessary laws and regulations have been formed specifically for said works, with the addition of independent institutions. Hence, he stressed the importance of reflecting on the consequences of empowering a commission that has been formed to do the same thing.

He highlighted that giving the power to one side would be the erasure of democratic values.

MP Ghassan had also expressed concern about Clause 14 of the Presidential Commissions Bill, which grants protection to members of the commission.