India cannot keep looking after our affairs: Qasim

Jumhooree Party (JP) leader and presidential candidate Qasim Ibrahim has said India cannot always look after Maldives' affairs.

Qasim made the remarks during his campaign rally at ADh. Maamigili. He stated that India has provided Maldives aid countless times, but Maldives needs to be able to look after its own affairs.

He added that Maldives should not be dependent on the close ties between the two countries and expect India to bail Maldives out of crisis every time.

"India has own issues to focus on. There are millions of Indians in dire need. It is not feasible for India to keep providing aid to Maldives while their own people suffer. Regardless how close our nations are, India cannot always look after our affairs," Qasim said.

Qasim stated that under a JP tenure, a Maldivian Airforce will be established to look after Maldivian sea and air space.

Additionally, he stated that a Navy will be established instead of MNDF to strengthen surveillance of the Maldivian seas.