Yameen must be released now, will join the protest: Nasheed

Speaker of Parliament Mohamed Nasheed has said that former President Abdulla Yameen, who is currently serving an 11-year jail sentence for money laundering and corruption, must be released now.

He further added that he will join protests calling for the release of the jailed opposition leader.

Nasheed, who arrived in Fuvahmulah City along with The Democrats' presidential candidate Ilyas Labeeb, told the people of Fuvahmulah City last night that the way the current administration has dealt with President Yameen is a matter of concern for everyone.

"I want to assure my friendly party members that President Yameen will not be in jail for many more days. I will join the protest again. I'll be with you on the streets as well," he said.

Nasheed said he would hold talks with international stakeholders to secure Yameen's release. He assured the party members that various international lawyers would come to the Maldives and advocate and that President Yameen would be released from prison.

Nasheed spoke about Yameen's release last night and said that he wanted to go into the second round of the presidential election with PPM. Nasheed has expressed interest in forming an alliance with PPM in the past as well. Nasheed has been praising both the party and the leadership.

Nasheed added that they understand the political reality and plan and strategize on the basis of reality. He said that the present government will change and he has not visited an island where they support the government.