Netflix announces ‘Wednesday’ Season 2 with new video: ‘More misery is coming’

On Friday, Netflix released a trailer for the second season of its hit series "Wednesday," starring Jenna Ortega — and we couldn't be more miserably delighted!

On the one hand, there's not a lot of meat in the less-than-one-minute video from YouTube; the "announcement" is just that, and it's more of a quick recap of the previous season than a reveal of anything new.

But Ortega's commentary is to die for: Speaking as Wednesday (the show is a spinoff of the classic Addams Family comics/TV Show and films), the actor notes that in the first season she was hunted and haunted and (cut to a shot of her doing her now-signature dance), "mimicked millions of times across the Internet."

We do love a character who knows when to break the fourth wall. Ortega's performance at the school dance in a black dress (naturally) has spun off imitators everywhere, from fans on TikTok to a figure skater to Lisa Rinna and even Lady Gaga (whose song "Bloody Mary" provides the soundtrack to part of the video).

And during that first season, Ortega became a breakout star, with videos of her early work surfacing (check her out on "Days of Our Lives"!) and even her co-star Victor Dorobantu's hand (as Thing) is now an object of fascination.

YouTube commenters are cheering the promised return.

"I really liked how Wednesday thanked us fans for the support on this preview," wrote Pepito.

"Jena (sic) Ortega is truly extraordinary, the season two is going to be a masterpiece for sure. I can’t wait for season 2, Wednesday Adams never disappoints," wrote Thibault.

And Ray Hernandez added, "Jenna was born to be Wednesday! She truly gave the character the best of her, season 2 will be incredible."

As for Ortega-as-Wednesday in the video, she adds that the whole first season and all the acclaim has "been pure torture." Pause. "Thank you."

And just after that, a chyron reveals, "More misery is coming."

But when? Time will tell. And for now, the torture is ours ... as we wait to find out more!