19 clubs support and submitted for a change of leadership at FAM

An extraordinary congress has been requested in an effort to declare no confidence upon the current leadership at Football Association of Maldives (FAM).

While 24 different sports clubs are allowed the vote at the congress, 19 of the clubs support this move proposed through initiative of Victory Sports Club.

The proposal has been put forward to change leadership at FAM amidst disagreements between Minister of Youth and Sports, Ahmed Mahloof, and the leadership at FAM. Minister Mahloof had also previously mentioned holding an extraordinary congress during the exchanged back and forth regarding disagreements.

Certain sports clubs had attempted to change leadership at FAM previously as well.

As such, while New Radiant Sports Club had begun the move to change leadership at FAM, the club was declared as suspended from association activities. The ban was put in place citing the reason as delays in payment of salaries for football players.

New Radiant Sports Club had then responded and said that the real cause for suspension was the efforts of the club to hold an extraordinary congress at FAM.