Information leaked on unreleased Apple iPhone

Technology news website '9to5Mac' revealed the leaked information on Apple. The website reported that the company is set to release new iPhones XI and iPhone 11.

The most notable feature on the Apple Iphone XI Max is the triple camera feature. The camera feature is said to be a state-of-the-art camera system.

Leaked information also notes that all new iPhones across the board will be imbued with new antennas capable of giving higher signal strength and faster mobile data. There is still no leak or confirmation regarding the highly anticipated 5G data.

It has been reported that information regarding the new unreleased Apple iPhone has leaked.

While every year, Apple has presented customers with a new and improved model of the iPhone, the leaked information points to new features. According to leaked information, Apple plans to offer state-of-the art wifi on the new iPhones- wifi 6. The new wifi 6 allows faster connections and longer battery life. It is reported that most current wifi routers don't come even close to competing with the wifi 6.

The leaked information also said that the facial recognition features on the new iPhone will be upgraded. Face ID will also be integrated with the latest Apple technology.

While Apple's earnings have fallen the past year when compared to all previous years, it is anticipated that Apple will once again come out with a huge profit on the new phones this year.