432 flight movements in August, hope renewed with more flights

Maldives Airports Company Limited (MACL) has said that 432 international flight movements were recorded at Velan International Airport (VIA) in the past month after Maldivian borders were reopened in July.

The country closed its international borders on 27 March 2020 as a preventive measure amid the COVID-19 pandemic and the borders were reopened on 15 July 2020.

Statistics from the MACL said that the total 758 flight movements were recorded at VIA including 326 domestic flights compared to the 387 flight movements in July.

This is a significant low to the airport as it has recorded 252 flight movement daily before the borders were closed.

In August 2020, 11,186 people entered the country via international flights and 14,045 people left the country. These figures consist of tourists, expatriates and other travelers. Statistics by Immigration has previously said that 7,628 tourists visited the Maldives in August.

Domestic flights to VIA in August saw 1,954 inbound and 3,438 people outbound to the atolls.