Social issues coming to light since they were neglected before: President

President Ibrahim Mohamed Solih has today stated that many social issues are coming to light now due the past negligence on those issues and failure to properly address them.

Speaking to the Police at Iskandhar Koshi, the President noted that there were many hurdles in the road to recovery from the COVID-19 pandemic. As such he noted lifestyle changes due to the economic constraints which have been causing unemployment and reduced household incomes. He also noted several social issues that have been coming into light recently as well.

However, he stressed that issues like undocumented workers, domestic violence, child sexual abuse, and drug abuse are issues that have been persistent throughout time without being resolved.

President Solih noted that his government is working to bring about permanent solutions to these issues at hand.

He also asserted that Police being the body who enforces the law and works closely with the citizens, their role in bringing a solution these issues were a major one.