Resolution filed at parliament to investigate corruption case during Nasheed presidency

A resolution has been brought to the parliament floor to investigate the case of corruption during the Presidency of Mohamed Nasheed, the current Speaker of Parliament.

The allegations of corruption in question is the involvement of then Foreign Minister Ahmed Shaheed and high-ranking officials in their part in the Maldives accepting the independence of Kosovo.

The resolution presented by the MP for Nolhivaram constituency, Mohamed Nasheed Abdulla called for an investigation and the truth.

Kosovo was established as an independent state on 17 February 2008 and since then, the international community has been debating the legitimacy of the declaration.

And while the two neighboring countries, India and Sri Lanka have not accepted the independence of Kosovo, one of the oldest economic partner, China, have not accepted it either. And the UN is still debating as well.

The resolution said that involving in such a sensitive matter with European and NATO interests and taking a sudden decision by the head of the Maldivian Foreign Ministry is suspicious. Especially with no record of a meeting with any Serbian officials.