Maldives Police Service

Police: It is unsafe to drive on the bridge in light plastic coats

Maldives Police Service has advised the public that it is unsafe to drive on the Sinamale’ Bridge wearing light plastic rain coats.

As the capital Male’ City and Hulhumale’ are experiencing heavy rain since this morning, Police took to Twitter to create public awareness regarding the use of the Sinamale’ Bridge and the Hulhumale’ Highway while wearing light plastic rain coats as such rain coats get torn in strong winds which in turns creates dangerous circumstances for traffic collisions.

And so, the police have advised not to use light plastic rain coats on the bridge for the safety of everyone.

Ongoing heavy rain across the country has caused flooding in parts of the capital city along with strong winds which has caused three reported incident last night alone.

Police said that strong winds have caused a dish antenna near Dhamas Furniture store on Abadhahufaa Magu to fall off while a tree has fallen on the road near Henveiru Café and a billboard near Salt Café has fallen on the road.

While there has been some damage to property in these incidents, police said that no one was injured. Police are working with state institutes to clear out the roads following these incidents and has advised vigilance against such incidents during this turbulant weather.