Maldives Police Service

206 cases reported to police from Male’ area during Eid Holidays

Statistics has shown that 206 cases were reported to the police from the Male’ City area during the Eid Holidays.

Maldives Police Service released crime statistics on 18 August are the statistics from 9-17 August 2019.

Cases reported include theft, violence, traffic incidents, drug cases and domestic abuse. The statistics show that the highest number of cases were reported from the Maafannu district.

From the Maafannu district, 22 cases of theft were reported along with seven traffic incidents.

The second highest reports came from Henveiru with a total of 52 reported cases. The highest reported are 18 cases of traffic incidents followed by ten cases of theft.

The least number of crimes were reported from Vilimale’ with seven reported cases. Three of those are thefts.

Police also noted that 37 cases were reported on Hajj Day; the highest for a single day during the holidays.