Maldives Police Service

Police advises preventive measures to reduce theft during Eid holidays

Maldives Police Service has called on the public to be vigilant in regards to security measures to prevent theft during the Eid holidays.

Speaking at the Police press conference today regarding the security measures for Eid holidays in the Male’ Area, Chief Superintendent, Moosa Ali said that most crimes taking place during the holidays is theft.

And to reduce the crime of theft, police is set to conduct a special operation.

He said that patrols would be increased during the operations with the Male’ City divided into four neighborhoods.

tOn subject of security measures, the Chief Superintendent said that noting down ID card numbers of visitors to guesthouses and improving the CCTV cameras are a good security measure.

And when traveling during the holiday, he advised not to leave any cash behind and secure the locks along with using CCTV camera, keeping some lights on at the building and advised vigilance to the people living in upper floors that are easily accessible from the road.

Police said that when visiting the capital, it is safer to carry bank cards instead of a large sum of cash. And advised businesses to empty the cash registers when locking up.